Eight months of Life without a job

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
When i woke up every day. i use to think, why i left my job?, and every day i got new new reasons...its about eight months before, one early morning i decided to quit my job without discussing plus and minus ...i got some reasons to quit my job, but one very big reason i want to highlight here is ,the un confidence imposed on me!. again the" un confidence imposed or manipulated on me" it means even in bad circumstances also i never be a nihilist or pessimist but time and situation made me a pessimist.it took six hard months to get my confidence back! ..any way i don't want to talk much about that..if i do so, peoples will simply say i don't know business moralities and i am too young to speak about that! .i have to write a separate post for that, to clear the miss understandings... always i use to say "peoples leave leaders not the party"..(making silence myself).I was totally unaware about my position when i left my job. that makes me to be idle for a long time.also the global meltdown and subsequents in the markets extended my job hunting..."8 months" a big chunk of time,sending resumes and wondering why no one responds. in the first month itself i went nuts :(. then i decided, these times should be memorable with good stories and i acted so.

Many things encouraged me to think mature in this 8 month gap, especially education.Education is the key to think good,and work smart. The good thing is i attended two semesters and cleared in this gap..( since the gap i cleared all the papers? nah i am a born genius).coming to the point, the concern of this post is to simply share my eight months of life with unemployment..

Doing meaningful :I spend time creating projects for myself and executing on them. This very much worked mentally because when doing something meaningful with my time it keeps my spirits up.doing simple projects ,some freelancing ,even some job orders,volunteering at my friend’s company for a couple of hours a day,drafting civil drawings,its all ended up looking like a job on my resume .

Blogging: started a blog and blogging in it..u know? ,blogging is the best way to develop your language skills.talking is very easy but writing is totally opp .my father use to write daily happenings.i don't know whether it initiates the writing habit or not and of course the leverage fact is, i got more time that people don't have while in jobs.

understanding politics:my room is filled with politicians, even two of them are from big parties.every night they will discuss state level issues.earlier i use to say politics is a shit, and i don't have anything with that.later i understand that life and politics cannot be separated.initially, talking the sensitive issues behind the politics makes me frustrated. after some level that eradicates my silly philosophies and guided me to take the right decisions.now the understandings extended up to atheism.this unemployed days really gave me break to think of myself in the society and to take actions.

Upgrading myself :what is up gradation? ,when i joined my engineering i thought its an up gradation.no its not like that , it really means that its a process of applying the effectiveness to get the efficiency in the present situation .the beauty here is, i haven't think these things when i was in job. but these times clearly preached me and also it dosent means that my previous job did nothing.

money value:i was a spendthrift now i am fortune finder..as like everything the poverty in the tough times changed me.

Dieting : Believe me a healthy diet will keep your tension and anxiety less..i feel the difference..there are much to say ...but i am not such a good writer.

i am ending, with this saying “If you live with a problem long enough, it could eventually become a blessing.”yes , if i have a another set back also, these experiences would lift me again..

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