Tesla Model 3

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

it has been a long time since my last post. 

some years ago I felt very bad and missing very much when I switched my career from mold making industry to power industry. now I completely came out of it industry, but always when I see any interesting matter the first thing comes in my mind is how it will affect that industry.
we all heard that Tesla introduced their model 3, one interesting factor I see is its air vents. many times I argued with my peers that the radical change in the industrial design will affect up to the small scale industry.
I myself worked in the complete Air vent unit, it may have 8 to 10 parts.Now just down stream it. the 8 parts are not going to be there the flow shall be only controlled by flaps.no LHS RHS and thus there is no cut out on the dash board. No mounting parts, No knob for temperature control. No LED lights for that thus less dimension control in over molding.since there is very less cut out less control measure on A surface, so and so matters. in manufacturing side !! Ahh the complete product itself ruled out !! and surprise is since there are fewer parts the tier 2 companies like motherson don't need to outsource the Mold making and production. further, the less load in tool and development team, less quality control measure, AhnNN may be less software license. this keeps on affecting materialistic points and extend up to changing the mounting design of ambi pure!. If I scale the same to the complete dash board, instrument panel, cluster, wiring, switches, connectors, my god I cannot imagine it with my silly knowledge 

Definitely, the electric cars will not outcast petroleum industry and plastic industry at least for another 20 years, but this is true, the concept of Marxism is taking a shift and slowly fade away my friends, so it's better we learn to save more rather than earning more.

 Oh wow, great savings for Tesla, finally the electric cars are affordable, Wait??? what??? the least price is 34 thousand dollar ...heck, bloody illuminates  


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